Published: Feb. 14, 2017

Food Insecurity on Campus

There's a common refrain among event organizers that the best way to get college students to show up is to offer free pizza.

But for some students, free pizza isn't a joke, it's a necessity.

Emilie Adamovic, a CU senior majoring in environmental studies, is researching the prevalence of food insecurity among students on the Boulder campus as part of her undergraduate honors thesis. The results of her study could shape the work of a campus and community committee working to connect students with food when they need it.

"It's not funny because some kids need free food or else they're not going to eat that night," Adamovic said. For the purposes of her project, Adamovic defines food insecurity as the inability to provide oneself with food that is healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate. It's a problem recognized by other colleges and universities around the country......


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To learn more about the committee working on food insecurity at CU Boulder, contact Alyssa Willet at