Published: Jan. 26, 2016

Career Resources: It’s never too early to begin taking a look at your career options and ways to gain work experience. 

ENVS-Specific Career Resources:

*ENVS Internships Page—Even if you plan to fulfill your ENVS Application requirement with a field course, the ENVS “Postings” and “Not for Credit” pages list organizations that sponsor internships—a great place to start looking for opportunities that resonate with your interests: internships

*ICE Talks—On Tuesdays during the semester, you can hear an environmental professional’s perspective on environmental careers at the ENVS ICE (Investigate Careers in the Environment) Talks:  

*Environmental Center Jobs Page—The CU E-Center hires several students each semester—find E-Center job opportunities and job-search tips at  

CU Career Services:

*Career Buffs—Career Buffs is a job and internship search tool that you can tailor to your interests. Employers often advertise here specifically because they would like to hire a CU student or alum:

*Careers With a Cause—The Career Services Careers With a Cause page lists resources for starting environmental and sustainability-focused careers:

*Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Preparation Resources—Career Services has career advisors who can help you prepare your resume and cover letter, and they offer interview tips and preparation as well:  

*Buffs Professional Program—Attend Buffs Professional events to build and polish your professional skills: