Engineering GoldShirt students represent the rich diversity of Colorado. 

The Engineering GoldShirt program provides an engineering pathway for students historically underrepresented in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Our purpose is to expand access to engineering and support students through community, academic support and access to resources. We work to ensure the success of these motivated students as they pursue their engineering degrees and become future innovators and leaders.


Engineering GoldShirt students form an inclusive community and support system of students, mentors, staff and faculty. New students spend two weeks in a residential Summer Bridge program. They prepare for fall classes and grow long-lasting friendships. First year students live in Williams Village North as part of Engineering Connections. Students also participate in team-building activities and celebrations. Many students become peer mentors for the program after year one. They provide advice and support future GoldShirt students.

Academic Support

GoldShirt students are chosen with full confidence in their ability to succeed academically. Our focus is supporting students’ success in their rigorous engineering coursework. Students identify their strengths and explore leadership capabilities, professional development and career interests. Guest speakers give them unique views into being successful students and their future as engineers. First year students work on time and stress management, study skills and goal-setting. The College’s workload is intense, and learning strategies for academic success helps students in their engineering path.


We help each student navigate the university system to connect them with resources and opportunities on campus. Each student receives a yearly scholarship. They also have access to the College Affordability Specialist for more resources and options. Students meet with a BOLD staff advisor as well as an academic advisor. The advisor connects students to resources such as research opportunities, career preparation and tutoring. GoldShirt Students are also active in the BOLD Center. They attend center events, tutoring and study sessions. Many are part of the center’s eight affinity-focused student societies.

Is GoldShirt Right for Me?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Engineering GoldShirt Program provides support for attaining excellence in engineering for those students whose high school records do not yet represent their potential. For example, Engineering GoldShirt students may have high GPAs but lower ACT scores, or did not take Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The program addresses the needs of students looking for a small community within the larger college. Enrollment in the program is competitive and determined by an interview with the GoldShirt team. Engineering GoldShirt students represent the rich diversity of Colorado. Previous cohorts have included students who are first in their families to attend college, students from groups historically excluded from engineering, and English-language learners.