The Engineering GoldShirt program provides an engineering pathway for students historically underrepresented in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Our purpose is to expand access to engineering and support students through community, academic support and access to resources. We work to ensure the success of these motivated students as they pursue their engineering degrees and become future innovators and leaders.


Engineering GoldShirt students form an inclusive community and support system of students, mentors, staff and faculty. They prepare together for classes and grow long-lasting friendships. First and second year students live in Williams Village North as part of Engineering Connections. Students also participate in team-building activities and high contact mentoring, receiving advice and support from peer mentors. 

Program Support & Resources 

Students identify their strengths and explore learning strategies, leadership capabilities, professional development, and career interests. Each student receives a participation scholarship. Students meet with a BOLD staff advisor in addition to their academic advisor. The BOLD advisor connects students to resources such as research opportunities, career preparation, and academic services. GoldShirt scholars are also active in the BOLD Center participating in events, study sessions, and community building activities. Many are members and leaders of the center’s nine affinity-focused student societies.


If you are a GoldShirt scholar and have a question about the program, please reach out to us via email.