Thank you for nominating someone to serve on the Engineering Advisory Council (EAC)! The Dean is committed to ensuring that Engineering Advisory Council (EAC) members represent a diverse set of industries, departmental affiliations, organizations (governmental and nonprofits), lived experiences, and with an awareness towards the impact that the EAC members have on humanity, and the nomination process is critical to achieving this goal so we thank you for your time and participation in this process. 

The Dean looks for the EAC members to reflect the mutual interest of our industry partners and the unique issues facing the college, their organization, and the world. The goal is for EAC members to advise in the overall success of the college by supporting its strategic trajectory, providing a fresh and diverse perspective on issues that affect growth, scalability, and performance, while encouraging creativity, and innovation. Prospective EAC members will have a demonstrated track record for delivering results, industry credibility, and an ability to cultivate relationships with a diverse group of individuals. EAC members will support the college leadership, and align with the culture, mission, and vision of the college.

The Dean will be accepting formal nominations for the (EAC) starting on September 15 through February 1 of the following year. Applications for (EAC) membership can be submitted off cycle with the approvel of the Dean and the Executive Committee of the EAC. The selection and onboarding of new (EAC) members will occur over the spring and summer semesters. The Nomination Review Committee consisting of the Dean, Executive Committee of the EAC (and ex-officio members) will lead the review of the proposed nominees for EAC membership. The Dean will extend offer letters to the individuals who have been selected to serve on the (EAC). Please note that not all nominees will be selected to serve on the (EAC).

Applications is open September 15 through February 1
Applications will be reviewed starting in February through April
Dean will contact nominees starting in April through June

All nominees for Engineering Advisory Council (EAC) membership must meet the minimum qualifications outlined below. If an individual does not meet the minimum qualifications, the Dean and the EAC Executive Committee will request additional information. Details about full membership expectations can be reviewed on the EAC Member Expectations page.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Has experience serving in the C-Suite (or emerging leadership) position.
  2. Individually or organization can commit to the philanthropic levels.
  3. Alumni of the university are preferred or has significant affiliation to the university. 
Please provide nominator (your) information here:
Nominee Information
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Nominee's CV/Resume + Other Documentation
Please provide nominee's CV/Resume, received awards or honors, and any other supporting documentation you think is important to their nomination. Make sure to click "upload" after you have attached the document.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.
Qualifications: Additional Information (Optional)
If you have any additional information you would like to provide for the below areas that relate to the qualifications (skills, background, etc.) of the proposed nominee, please share those in the appropriate section below:
Donations, sponsorship, endowments, has an established foundation
Community/public service, financial capacity, engagement in charitable programs
Groups, organizations, or businesses that the nominee could serve as a liaison to on behalf of the College of Engineering and Applied Science
Please provide any additional information below about why the nominee would be a strong contributor to the EAC.
Expectations of Council Members

As noted in its bylaws, the purposes of the Engineering Advisory Council (EAC) are: to act as an advisory body for the College of Engineering and Applied Science of the University of Colorado Boulder, hereinafter referred to as the "College"; to advise the Dean and the college leadership team on college programs and policies; to encourage resource development through advocacy for state and federal funding, internal campus budgeting, corporate relationships, and private gifts to benefit the College through the University of Colorado Foundation; to help develop and guide the education, outreach, and research programs of the College; to recognize achievements of alumni and other supporters of the College; and to assist in publicity and public relations concerning the College. The council members are expected to uphold all Expectations for Members of the Engineering Advisory Council.

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