Appendix – Expectations for Members of the Engineering Advisory Council
University of Colorado Boulder

As noted in its bylaws, the purposes of the Engineering Advisory Council (EAC) are: to act as an advisory body for the College of Engineering and Applied Science of the University of Colorado Boulder, hereinafter referred to as the "College"; to advise the Dean and the college leadership team on college programs and policies; to encourage resource development through advocacy for state and federal funding, internal campus budgeting, corporate relationships, and private gifts to benefit the College through the University of Colorado Foundation; to help develop and guide the education, outreach, and research programs of the College; to recognize achievements of alumni and other supporters of the College; and to assist in publicity and public relations concerning the College.

To meet these purposes and to advance the mission, vision, and values of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the expectations of EAC members are to:

  1. Attend the two regular meetings of the EAC each academic year, or inform the Dean for the occasional meeting when attendance is not possible;
  2. Be an active participant in one or more of the EAC subcommittees, including teleconferences, meetings, or other activities held between the regular meetings;
  3. Provide personal philanthropic support, setting a leadership example for all alumni of the College, at a level of at least $2500 per year, or $10,000 over each four-year term, to college programs/purposes; the $2500 per year total should include membership in the Dean’s Club with a minimum donation of $1000 per year to the College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean’s Fund for Excellence, with the rest to a fund of the member’s choice; rare exceptions to the minimum giving level may be made for junior members, nonalumni members from nonprofit organizations, and/or those better positioned to “get” than “give” major support;
  4. Serve as a strong advocate for the University of Colorado Boulder and its College of Engineering and Applied Science, by helping to raise funds and participating in or hosting college activities, when feasible, such as alumni, recruiting, student, and fundraising events;
  5. Suggest or nominate candidates for college or university awards or membership on the EAC or other boards associated with the College or CU, or for other activities to advance the College;
  6. Pay their own expenses to attend EAC meetings and other college activities; and
  7. Serve as positive role models through interaction with students, such as mentoring individual students, speaking in classes or at student events, or hosting student interns or projects. Certification I have received and am prepared to undertake these responsibilities and expectations of serving on the CU Boulder Engineering Advisory Council. If circumstances prevent me from fulfilling one or more of the expectations, I will inform Interim Dean Keith Molenaar (, 303-735-4276) so that we may discuss how best to proceed with my contributions to the College.