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Academic Services Program Manager • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

ECCE 110

Haŋ Mitákuyepi! (Hello)! My name is Chantal Baca born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I'm a proud first-generation college graduate, professional, and educator. As a descendant of Pueblo Nation (Diné/Hopi/Taos), Lakota, and Mexican-American Heritages, culture, Indigenous representation is a core value of mine and how I practice leadership. At the University of Colorado Boulder, I serve as the Academic Services Program Manager for The BOLD Center. I lead efforts to increase academic student support and success initiatives in partnership with College of Engineering and Applied Science by managing the free engineering BOLD Tutoring Program, coordinating hybrid tutoring services, and assessing tutoring data. As a result, I actively implement academic intervention initiatives and support strategies to provide a holistic student experience for undergraduates pursuing engineering education.  

What I love most about working in The BOLD Center is the opportunity to enhance, design, and collaborate on academic services to support STEM students through their college journey, creative learning processes, problem-solving skills, and professional development. The BOLD Center community centers equity and inclusion in a people-centered environment, and I'm intentional about positively impacting our learning community. I can offer space to connect, free engineering tutoring resources, and advisement on academic strategies, stress management, and words of affirmation.

Service & Recognition

Elected At-Large Staff Council Representative, Boulder Campus Staff Council Governance (BCSC) 2020-2023 

Impactful Service Badge, Staff Council at University of Colorado Boulder 2022-2023 Forward

PI Site Coordinator, CSU Rocky Mountain Alliance for Minority Participation 2022-2023 Forward 

Strategic Alignment Committee, Budget Model Redesign Governance 2021-2022

Employee of the Month, College of Engineering and Applied Science 2022

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