On International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting the engineers who are shaping our college and inspiring future leaders.

At the College of Engineering and Applied Science, we believe women and non-binary people belong. They belong in the classroom. In the lab. In leadership roles. In STEM. In all places where decisions are being made and innovation is essential. Our women faculty members are National Academy inductees, international research stars, devoted family members, and mentors to aspiring engineers. They choose to challenge convention, to persist in their endeavors against the odds and to lead by doing what they love to do. 

The accomplishments of our engineering faculty members are many, and there’s still work to be done. We are taking steps together to grow our ranks and achieve equity — because we choose to challenge, and we're committed to change.

Choose to Challenge: Stories of Progress

This ongoing project, launched on March 8, 2021, highlights stories of progress within our college. We invited engineering students to interview current faculty members they respect and admire about their journeys into engineering, the challenges they've overcome and their advice for younger generations.

We invite you to read, be inspired and help us raise the voices of these and other women and non-binary engineers in pursuit of a more just future.