BOLD Scholars must either attend 10 BOLD approved or sponsored events. Activities should participate with and contribute to the BOLD Center or larger CU community.  

Special Considerations

  • If the activity or event is longer than 3 hours, it will count as 2 events towards the 10 required activities, subject to approval. As an example, internship experience completed throughout the academic year will count as 2 events. This also applies to research, student society conferences, student society involvement, and other relevant activities.
  • BOLD volunteering is counted on an hourly basis. In other words, 1 hour of volunteering is equivalent to 1 event—up to 5 events or 5 hours max. As an example, volunteering for 1 BOLD event for 4 hours, counts for 4 events rather than 2. Volunteering at 1 BOLD event for 6 hours can only be counted as 5 events. 
  • All events are subject to approval. The events listed below are only a limited set of examples for what counts and which categories they fall under. When submitting to Canvas, please decide which category the activity or event best falls under. The submission will be reviewed and a notification regarding whether or not the activity or event is approved will be provided soon after.