With over 40,000 graduates in all 50 states and approximately 100 countries, the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder is committed to building a strong network of engineering Buffs across the globe. The alumni office is focused on developing regional alumni networks in key areas where our larger alumni populations exist. Our current target areas include the Denver metropolitan area, San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Houston and Seattle. 

Regional Network Ambassadors

The Office of Alumni Engagement is actively recruiting CEAS graduates that want to serve as ambassadors for their region and help their fellow alumni and students develop meaningful connections with one another. As a Regional Ambassador, you will be a representative of the college who is instrumental in expanding the reach of the CEAS alumni network.

Ambassador Objectives:

  • Provide feedback and ideas for future local CEAS alumni events (venues, themes, timing, etc.) through email, phone and conference calls with the alumni engagement staff
  • Promote local CEAS alumni events to alumni in your personal network to encourage them to participate
  • Attend local CEAS alumni events and actively network with attendees to help facilitate connections among the group
  • Serve as a point of contact for alumni and students interested in making local connections
  • Provide a picture, brief bio and email address to be included on the CEAS alumni website

Membership Eligibility & Composition:
The Regional Network Ambassadors (RNA) will include CEAS alumni living or working in the following priority regions: Front Range, Houston, Metro New YorkSouthern California, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle along with anywhere else in the world. Each priority region will have its own committee of alumni volunteers, with five to ten ambassadors serving on each regional committee.

Term limits:
We understand that circumstances, personal responsibilities, and time commitments can occur with little to no warning. For that reason, there are no defined term limits for how long a volunteer can serve as an ambassador. The alumni engagement team will check-in annually with you over the summer to gauge your continued interest in this role.

Becoming an Ambassador:
Referrals for new ambassadors can be made by current RNA members, College of Engineering partners, and the CEAS advancement staff. The alumni engagement team will contact all interested alumni and speak with them about the RNA volunteer opportunity.

RNA Support & Meetings:
The Regional Network Ambassadors are supported by the CEAS alumni engagement team. Each ambassador, along with each of their fellow regional committee members in priority regions, is expected to participate in at least one phone call a year with the alumni engagement team to discuss the past year and plan for the upcoming year. The needs and meetings per year for each of the priority regional ambassador committees will vary from region to region. Ambassadors located in areas outside of the priority regions are welcome to connect with the alumni engagement team on an as needed basis.