"Leading with Impact" draws together experts and industry leaders affiliated with the College of Engineering and Applied Science to inform, enlighten and advise on some of the biggest science, tech and policy issues in today's world. Come engage with fellow alumni, join the conversation and be inspired by how CU engineers and scientists are changing humanity for the better.

Future Leading with Impact events are currently in the planning stages and will be announced when the details are finalized. This series began with two events in the Bay area focused on Cybersecurity. 

Think cybersecurity is just for techies? Think again. Your mobile phone, wearable devices and even your smart refrigerator are capable of being hacked. But researchers from our newly rebranded Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy (TCP) program are working to stop cybercrime before it happens. Attendees were able to learn about the threats that exist, how CU researchers are anticipating and preventing security risks, and how the TCP program is addressing the national shortage in cybersecurity workforce.