Suzi Jewett served as a panelist for the college’s inaugural Women in Engineering Panel & Networking Event.

Suzi Jewett (MMechEngr’00) has been a loyal donor to the BOLD Center for 17 years.

“When I was at CU, I was heavily involved in the Women in Engineering Program. It was a community that supported me and helped me to grow and maintain my motivation to pursue engineering. My parents had instilled in me a heart for giving, so after I graduated and began earning a salary, it was important to me to begin giving back.

I enjoy seeing the growth of CU and how the college is changing its approach to learning and development for engineering students. I recognize the importance of a smaller community for students and believe the BOLD Center provides community, support, guidance and opportunities, allowing students to have higher potential for a meaningful career. I want to be able to bless others how I have been blessed.”

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