Published: May 9, 2018
The cover of the 2018 CU Engineering magazine.

The 2018 CU Engineering magazine is now available online and in print!

Inside the magazine, you’ll find features on amazing alumni and students, news about the college and updates on our faculty and staff. Not to play favorites, but make sure you check out the feature about Irene Peden (ElEngr’47), a trailblazer for women in engineering.

You may also notice that we tried something different with this year’s cover. While we usually focus on a person – an alum, researcher or student – this cover is a bit more “under construction.”

That’s because our goal with this year’s edition was to look forward – what does the future of engineering look like, both for globally and for the college? We started by focusing our research stories on our six Interdisciplinary Research Themes, announced late last year. Dozens of faculty members have signed on to participate in these innovative research efforts, and we’re super excited about the potential for huge breakthroughs and new technologies.

But since the breakthroughs haven’t happened yet, we had to get creative with illustrating them. The cover imagines what precision biomaterials – which help to regenerate human tissue using tiny scaffolds – would look like if they weren’t microscopic.  

We hope you enjoy exploring the future of CU Engineering!

A special shout-out to the folks who made this issue happen:

  • Creative Director: Michelle Wiese
  • Contributors: Kenna Bruner, Ula Chrobak, Tim Drugan-Eppich, Susan Glairon, Lisa Marshall, Kellen Short, Nick Sutcliffe, Jeff Zehnder
  • Photography: Josh Barrett, Tina Cheng, David DalBalcon
  • Cover Illustration: James Vaughan
  • Copy Editor: Paul Beique
  • Production: Dense Munn

Emily Adams is a communications specialist for the College of Engineering and Applied Science and managing editor of the 2018 edition of CU Engineering magazine.