When students apply to the College of Engineering and Applied Science from high school, they may indicate to enter the college as “open option” (unsure of engineering major), or they may select a preliminary engineering major.

Sometime after completion of the first semester, and by the eighth week of the second semester, all students should finalize their choice of major in the college. A student wishing to make a switch within the college uses the Change of Major Form to finalize his/her choice of major.

Students with a CU cumulative GPA of at least 2.250 will receive immediate confirmation of their major choice.

Otherwise, students remain in the preliminary major for the entire second semester, and may confer with an academic advisor in the intended major department for guidance. The college reviews the student’s academic record following the second semester; if the student is on a pathway towards academic improvement (i.e., completed at least 12 CU-Boulder credit hours with engineering curriculum coursework, with a semester GPA of at least  2.250), he/she is then admitted into the destination major at that time. 

Students who are not on a pathway towards academic improvement after completion of the second semester are placed on academic suspension.  They continue to remain in preliminary major status and are not confirmed in any major in the college.  See also information on Academic Recovery and Suspension.