The professional internship course for credit allows ECEE graduate students to receive academic credit for internships that have an academic component suitable for graduate-level coursework. Taking an internship course for credit is an excellent way to tie a professional experience with your academic career. This course can help you gain skills, apply knowledge gained in the classroom in real-world settings, and earn credit toward your degree while gaining professional experience.

Participation in the program requires an internship agreement between you, a faculty member from the department who will serve as your instructor for the course, and an industry partner who will employ you in a role that supports the academic goals of the internship.

The class may be taken during any term following a student's initial enrollment and participation in ECEE graduate programs. International students are required by federal law to have completed one Fall and one Spring semester in order to be eligible for an internship experience. 

Before pursuing the internship course for credit, please consider the following:

  • Domestic students: An internship course for credit course is not required. You may pursue an internship and not receive academic credit for it. Some internships, however, can be powerful learning experiences that should earn a student academic credit and would be an impetus to enroll in this course. These courses may also help in situations where your employer requires you to be enrolled in an internship course for credit while taking an internship or for international students who need this course because CPT rules require it.
  • Look for internships on Handshake and be sure to find a person at the company (typically the person who will be your supervisor) who agrees to be your industry point-of-contact. You will need the contact information of this person to apply for the course.
  • All semesters will have strict timelines and registration deadlines to apply for the course before your internship starts. Find this information ahead of time so you’re prepared to apply with enough time to have your application approved.
  • You will have to do more than just participate in the internship to receive academic credit. In your application, you will specify the academic goals of the internship and how you will demonstrate those goals have been achieved.

Enrollment Details

The course number is ECEN 5930. You cannot self-enroll. You must apply to take the course at least one week before the start of any semester. To apply:

  1. Complete the ECEE Professional Internship Agreement form.
  2. Fill out the corresponding department Google enrollment form to have the course instructor review your application and an ECEE advisor enroll you in the course. 

Submitting this application does not guarantee eligibility for credit for an internship experience. The academic plan must be approved before you are registered, and all requirements for an internship course for credit experience must be met.

You must also complete the Impact of an Internship on Financial Aid and/or Scholarships Form. If completing an internship during an academic term (fall or spring), you must submit this form before leaving on an internship assignment. This is to make sure that any scholarships or financial aid will not be affected by your internship experience.

Academic Credit and Contact Hours

Each credit hour will represent a minimum of 40 contact hours of documented internship activities. Therefore a 2-credit internship will represent a minimum of 80 contact hours, and a 3-credit internship will represent a minimum of 120 hours of internship activity. Students may be engaged for more than the minimum contact hours required at their option and by arrangement with their internship sponsor.

Class Registration Fees

There is a tuition cost associated with this course. Class registration fees are due in the Bursar’s Office by the deadline specified by the university. If not received by this deadline, a late fee will be assessed. Failure to register and pay the required fee means that the internship experience cannot be used for credit.

General Course Requirements

You may count a maximum of 3 credits of this class toward your degree. If needed, you can take the class multiple times, but can only count 3 credit hours total toward fulfilling degree requirements.

These credits count as elective credit for Traditional and Professional Master’s students, and may count toward the elective requirement for PhD students.

Tuition for this course will be the same as any regular graduate-level course; the rate depends on your specific degree program.

At the end of your internship, you will produce a report that will document your accomplishments with respect to meeting the academic goals of the internship. The course faculty member will review your report and will use it to determine your final grade in the class.

Course Restrictions

  • You must apply to be admitted into the class. The application process will require you to specify the academic goals of the internship along with a point-of-contact at the company who has committed to ensuring that your internship experience will help you meet those academic goals.
  • The graduate advisors, in collaboration with the faculty member assigned to the course, will review your application, and you will only be allowed to enroll upon approval.
  • The application process for a given semester will have strict timelines and registration deadlines. You will need to meet all the requirements to enroll in the course. The agreement for the internship course for credit is to be completed and approved by all parties prior to the initiation of the internship, and no later than one week prior to the end of the registration period for the term the internship will take place.
  • You must compete the application process and be approved before you can take the internship. You cannot participate in an internship and then register for this course after the fact. 

GPA Requirements

  • You must have at least a 3.00 GPA to apply. Continued performance at this level is a prerequisite for beginning an internship experience.
  • You are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00, be in good academic standing, and maintain satisfactory progress toward degree requirements.

Requirements for International Students

International students have different guidelines for internships from International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

International students must have their internship approved by an international student advisor before the first day of work.

Complete the ISSS Curricular Practical Training (CPT) e-form, accessed through MyISSS

When filling out this form, send the approval to your academic program advisor, not your faculty advisor. 

More on International Student Requirements

    If you sustain a work-related injury during your internship, please follow this procedure for medical treatment and filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. This process applies only for internships where the university, through a formal internship agreement, agrees to provide Workers’ Compensation.

    1. Get appropriate medical treatment as follows:
      • For an emergency, call 911 or go to the closest urgent care facility or emergency room.
      • For a non-emergency, you must seek treatment with one of the university’s Designated Medical Providers (DMP), including any follow-up medical care.
      • Establish contact with your supervisor or faculty sponsor/designee to ensure they are aware of your injury/illness.
      • Follow instructions from the DMP regarding medications, restrictions and treatment.
      • Attend all medical appointments. If you have medical questions, discuss them with the DMP.
    2. File a workers’ comp claim. You must file a claim with University Risk Management within four days of your illness/injury. The assigned claims adjuster may or may not contact you regarding your claim. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact URM at 303-860-5682 or 888-812-9601.
    3. Request that all bills from any emergency care or medical providers be sent directly to URM to review. If you receive any bills directly from a provider, do not disregard them. Forward them to URM directly by email, mail or fax.

    University Risk Management
    1800 Grant St. Suite 700
    Denver, CO 80203
    Fax: 303-860-5680

    For questions contact:

    • Carolyn Peet, director, University Risk Management, 303-735-5900
    • Chadd Medina, associate director, 303-492-6138
    • URM Claims Department, 303-860-5682