The office of Financial Aid considers 6 credit hours to be half-time enrollment. If a student is enrolled in fewer than 6 credit hours, during an academic term (this does NOT include summer), the student must begin paying back any loans starting in six months. Private loans may have different criteria so check with your lender about the specifics of your loan. Enrolling in the Co-op course that is 6 credits will prevent this “payback clock” from initiating. A student must be enrolled for 6 credit hours to qualify for financial aid and to qualify for grants. Financial aid and grants may be prorated based on hours enrolled. One last thing to keep in mind is that to remain eligible for financial aid, the maximum total number of credit hours must be 180 hours or less. A student with 180 or more credit hours can appeal to be granted financial aid.

Some scholarships can be awarded only to full-time students. You should discuss the requirements of any scholarships that you hold with the college scholarship coordinator. This discussion can result in several pathways that range from receiving or deferring the scholarship, or understanding how part-time enrollment in courses can enable you to receive the scholarship funds.

Please note that this form must be filled out by all students on co-op assignment and all students registering for an internship for credit experience, PRIOR to beginning your assignment.