Published: Dec. 13, 2021

Each semester, the College of Engineering and Applied Science honors students for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the CU Engineering community.

Graduating students are nominated by faculty, staff and peers. For fall 2021, four ECEE students were among the winners — congratulations to Samantha, Calvin, Nikolas and Soham! 

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Samantha Lemley
Perserverance Award

Samantha is graduating with her BS in electrical and computer engineering. After a tough start to her academic journey, she chose to take on more work to help herself make positive change. She could have easily stopped there and gone on to reap the benefits of her new knowledge. Instead, she devoted effort, time and planning to use what she had learned to assist fellow Engineering Buffs. These students can look to Sam and see not only their current challenges but ultimately what is possible through persistence. Sam’s progress has been incremental and resolutely steady. Each semester, as she has continued her development and growth, she’s prioritized connection with students. Her support of their journey through change is inspiring. After graduation, Sam plans to work as a hardware designer, with a focus on either PCB or integrated circuit design. 

Calvin Mooz
Perseverance Award

Calvin is graduating with a BS in electrical engineering. As a Peer Academic Coach, Calvin expertly used curious exploration, helping students discover what will work for them and gain confidence. He has a talent for tailoring questions and encouraging powerful reflection. Through the care he takes, he helps each student recognize they are a welcomed, valued, and essential part of the CU community. He has vulnerably shared his experiences, including challenges, helping to normalize struggle and the need for persistence in the face of obstacles in a way that encourages other students to believe it is also possible for them. After graduation, Calvin hopes to find a design engineering job in the Rocky Mountains.  


Nikolas Provost 
Community Impact Award

Nikolas is gradating with a BS in electrical and computer engineering. For over two years, he has served on the Student Government Sustainability Commission and as a representative on the University Memorial Center Board. His service to CU NightRide since 2017 exemplifies a commitment to service, as he has consistently challenged himself to go above and beyond expectations in order to serve the organization's mission with excellence, integrity and ingenuity. Nik is an exemplar of the Engineering Leadership Program, mobilizing others not only through interpersonal inspiration, servant leadership and empowerment, but also through strategies that integrate diverse stakeholders in systems that forge a safer, greener, more caring future. After graduation, Nik will be finishing his master’s at CU Boulder, with the goal of eventually working in the renewable energy industry.  

Soham Tamhane
Outstanding Graduate for Academic Engagement

Soham is graduating with a BS in electrical engineering. He has a reputation in the department for helping his fellow students, both informally and formally as a TA for a course in the Global Engineering RAP. According to a classmate: “It's not just about getting the right answer, it's about the understanding, and Soham embodies this." His advisor said he has challenged himself with a broad range of technical and globally focused electives. He also worked as an undergraduate researcher on a project on long-range WiFi communications that can be utilized in developing regions, including traveling to Uganda to help with testing and co-authoring a paper for the IEEE Global Humanitarian Conference in 2019.