David Rahmani and classroom

Class Act

Amid concerns about the country's shortage of workers in science and technology, CU Boulder is a leader in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.

astronauts band

Flash Cadillac, Sugarloaf and the Astronauts

From Top 10 music singles to naked dancing, here's how three 1960s campus bands made it to the top.

kate fagan

Courtside Advantage

Journalist Kate Fagan has risen from a CU basketball star to a columnist for ESPN-W. How did playing on a winning team shape her career as a sports journalist?

artistic book pages

Leafing Through Summer

Celebrate summer by taking some time for yourself and reading a book. To assist in compiling your summer reading list, a handful of professors and alumni who have been featured in the Coloradan during the past year have shared their favorite books.

scavenger hunt in woods

Extreme Scavenger Hunt

What do you get when you pair adventurers with scientists? A better understanding of everything from grizzlies to ice worms.

julie harbaugh

AIDS Interrupted

Molecular virologist Julie Overbaugh has unlocked the mysteries of AIDS by studying sex workers, mothers and babies.

Danny Newman

Dashboard Deals

Score the best local deals with Danny Newman's app Roximity, which will appear in 4 million Ford vehicles next year.

barney feinblum

The Natural

Alfalfa's co-founder Barney Feinblum helped transform the natural food industry from a hippy niche to an $81 billion enterprise.



Make Your Calories Count

That chocolate bar you just ate may be harder to burn off than you initially thought.

JILA extension

Building a Nobel Reputation

The factory for Nobel Prize winners on campus grew by 56,000 square feet in spring.

womanr unning

Shoe Me the Way

Before you throw your sneakers away and frolic down running trails barefoot this summer, read this.

go jett concept

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Sound travels at approximately 760 miles per hour. What can travel faster than that?

astronaut carpenter

Mining the Moon

Paul Danish contemplates the 50th anniversary of Scott Carpenter's flight.

falling bear

The Bear Who Fell to Earth

A 280-pound bear climbed a tree next to Williams Village at the end of April before being tranquilized and relocated 50 miles west of Boulder.

Obama at CU

Sink Pizza Fuels Presidential Speech

For the first time in 58 years, a sitting U.S. president gave a speech on campus this spring.

CU 50 year reunion logo

A Call for Courage

The dawn of the space age and the creation of the Peace Corps set the stage for graduates of 1962. Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano describes their impact on today.

Jess Wallace

Test Your Buff Knowledge

The 2011-12 season was one to remember for the CU women’s golf team.

austin dufault

Courting Excitement

In what was supposed to be a rebuilding season, the CU men’s basketball team lowered the boom on many an unsuspecting opponent.

paul richardson

Fresh Faces Fire Up Fans

Ideally, spring practices are supposed to resolve many issues for a college football team. But for CU, the spring produced almost as many questions as answers.

Ann Elliott

Q & A with Ann Elliott

Ann Elliott made history March 26 when she became head coach for the new CU women’s lacrosse program, which begins play in spring semester 2014.

presidents chain

A Bejeweled Tradition

The gem-encrusted Presidential Chain of Office is worn by the university president during commencement ceremonies.

black and white cartouche

In Memoriam - Summer 2012

Forever Buffs who have passed away.

Jeff Diener

Wild Exposure: Jeff Diener

Rappelling into a flooded canyon in Utah’s Zion National Park, photographer Jeff Diener was sweating in his wetsuit in the 100-degree heat.

richard pattenaude

Electing to Teach: Richard Pattenaude

Richard Pattenaude may be chancellor of the University of Maine System, but his first love is teaching — teaching political science, to be more precise. But he almost became an economist.

joel bloom

Found in Translation: Joel Bloom

Joel Bloom’s predicament was this: fresh out of college, degree in hand and a career path that was wide open.

ron bernier

The Art of Living

Art professor emeritus Ron M. Bernier died Jan. 25, 2012, as a result of complications arising from multiple sclerosis.

joe romig

Letters - Summer 2012

Letters to the editor from the summer 2012 issue.

the c4c

Center Spread - Summer 2012

The center spread image from the summer 2012 issue.

All you need is joy, children laughing

All You Need is Joy

The featured photo from the last two pages of the summer 2012 issue.