Published: June 1, 2012 By

bear falling from tree 

Andy Duann/

A 280-pound bear climbed a tree next to Williams Village at the end of April before being tranquilized and relocated 50 miles west of Boulder. This photo, taken by CU student Andy Duann, immediately went viral, appearing in numerous newspapers and leading to the creation of the bear’s own Facebook page. Sadly, the bear returned to Boulder a week later and was killed by two cars southeast of Boulder on U.S. Highway 36. One driver received minor injuries.


Here are some quirky comments’s Facebook followers wrote after the photo was originally posted:

  • “Only in Boulder.”
  • “If he sticks the landing, it’ll be a perfect 10.”
  • “Most campuses have problems with squirrels or pigeons. Here at CU, we have a real life Yogi bear and mountain lions to deal with.”
  • “Somebody get this bear a picnic basket!”
  • “But I was just trying to get a good view of Obama as he drove by!”