Reatea Kifletsion and Lidia Feseha

Addis in Aurora

Together, Ethiopians and Eritreans make up one of the largest immigrant groups in Colorado — and an ambitious bunch at CU.

Phil Watkins Jr. in front of window

The Illuminator

Without Phil Watkins Jr. and his family, the world would be a less colorful place. Especially Colorado.

Members of the cast of Così fan tutte

See You at the Met

Ambition. Amor. Seduction. Betrayal. For CU’s opera singers, it’s all in a semester’s work. For some, it’ll be a life.

Ryan Heiland

Tea for the Turf

Assistant grounds manager Ryan Heiland developed a new way of seeding the campus with microbe-rich compost tea — to stunning effect.


The Hunt for Dark Data

1960s Satellite recordings recovered by a CU team may tell us something about climate change, hurricanes, rainforests and a lot of other things we care about now.


polar bear

Now – November 2014

From mid-July to mid-November, hundreds of polar bears gather in Churchill, Manitoba, the “polar bear capital of the world,” to await the freezing of Hudson Bay.

Dalai Lama

Inside the Cover: Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is scheduled to visit Boulder in the fall.

soccer players on field

Inquiry: Keith Welker

Can the shape of a soccer player’s face predict performance on the field?


New Research Group Faces Stormy Future — and That’s the Point

The Tempest was built for perilous conditions. Plenty lie ahead.

hot air balloon

Paul Danish: A Life in the Air

You know you’re getting old when your roommate publishes his memoirs.

Boulder in Google letters

Google Grows in Boulder

Plans Call for Campus at Pearl and 30th Streets

Campus News Briefs – Spring 2015

Engineering building with purple tree

Look: Campus Trees

The CU-Boulder campus isn’t formally an arboretum, but it might as well be: At least 120 tree species grow on the 305-acre main property.

Colorado Bookstore in 2015

Colorado Bookstore on The Hill to Close

A bookstore has stood at the northwest corner of Broadway and College Avenue — 1111 Broadway — for 50 years.

liquid nitrogen at concert

Origins: Dry Fogger

October 1982. Los Angeles. Ghouls rise from a fog-fingered graveyard and join a zombified Michael Jackson in one of history’s most iconic bits of choreography in the watershed “Thriller” video, a mini-horror flick built around the eponymous hit song.

LEGO campus

Infographic: LEGO CU

“Hit the Bricks,” a 12-by-17-foot LEGO® model of campus, opened Dec. 6 at the Heritage Center in Old Main.

Clark Oldroyd

Navigator Calls to Port

Alumni travel director retires after nearly 40 years at CU-Boulder

Bruce D. Benson

Q&A with the President: Bruce D. Benson – Spring 2015

University of Colorado President Bruce D. Benson earned his geology degree from CU-Boulder 50 years ago. The longest-serving CU president since that time reflects on how the campus has changed.

Men's cross country team

Running Away with It

Men’s cross country team repeats as national champ

Bri Hooks in soccer game

Sports Briefs – Spring 2015

Spring 2015 sports briefs.

Jeremy and Yannik Paul

Sports Q&A: The Paul Twins

Jeremy and Yannik Paul (above left and right), identical twins from Germany, are believed to be the first twins to play men’s golf for CU-Boulder.

Dora and Friends

Cathy Galeota and Dora the Explorer

Few know more about Dora the Explorer, the beloved star character of Nickelodeon’s immensely popular animated television series of the same name, as well as Cathy Galeota (DistSt’87).

Heather and Jonathan Arthur

Pulling Stunts with The Arthurs

Actors play characters; Heather (Bus’03) and Jonathan Arthur (Bus’03) play actors. They’re stuntmen.

Rick Trujillo, second from the right

Rick Trujillo, Mountain Runner

Running mountain trails was strictly forbidden for CU-Boulder’s track and cross-country athletes in the 1960s. Rick Trujillo couldn't help himself.

Circled skier is Mary Lou Hawkins Franks

Social Buffs – Spring 2015

Astronaut Bruce McCandless during a Challenger space shuttle mission

Then – February 12, 1984

Since 1962, when Scott Carpenter (Aero’49, HonDocSci’00) became the fourth American and first CU-Boulder graduate to fly in space, nearly 20 other CU alumni, faculty and affiliates have followed him there.