Data analysis

The small number of students in the sample limits data analysis to calculating average scores on the quantitative data and examining trends in the qualitative data. The study will need to be repeated before any significance can be established.


Effects of Vocabulary Assignments on Student Performance

  • Results from this small study suggest that there is no perceptible difference in learning scores between students that completed any of the individual vocabulary assignments, or even if they didn’t complete any pre-assignment at all. However, the extremely low size of the test population makes it impossible to draw any definitive conclusions from this pre-study. This study will need to be repeated in future SWED 2020 DILS courses, but considering the small average class size, the results would not be expected to reach any level of significance for several years.
  • The average scores on the reading/listening assessments were similar for all three vocabulary assignment types included in the pre-study (Vocabulary list, Quizlet, VoiceThread). No particular type of vocabulary assignment stood out as superior for learning.

Student Perceptions of Vocabulary Assignments

  • The students had a positive perception of the pre-class vocabulary assignments. They found them helpful or very helpful for the classroom activities in the study units (image 1). Furthermore, they indicated that the assignments were useful or very useful for the interpretive reading/listening assessment associated with each assignment (image 2).

    Image 1: VoiceThread Mythology I
    VoiceThread Mythology-1

    Image 2: VoiceThread Mythology II
    VoiceThread Mythology II

  • The students had no clear preference for which specific type of vocabulary assignment they preferred. They indicated that all assignments were helpful or very helpful to them.
  • The students found the vocabulary in the assignments either very useful or moderately useful for how they had intended to use Swedish in the future (image 3).

    Image 3: VoiceThread Turistmal
    VoiceThread Turistmal
    Anna Öhlund/

  • The vocabulary assignments were either very interesting or moderately interesting to most students. No students reported that the assignments didn’t hold their interest at all (image 4).

    Image 4: Quizlet
    Quizlet image

  • The students indicated that they definitely or probably wanted to have more of any of the three assignments type. There was no consensus on which particular type of assignment students preferred. See Student Survey Results.

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