“It is an incredible experience to learn about history and culture while actually being in the places that events took place or that actually represents that culture. It is a bit hectic to get everything done while doing all the other activities, but it is definitely worth the experience. That being said, the location of the program is also fantastic. Xi'an is a great city and the campus is beautiful. It also has everything you could possibly need on it…. One of the best parts of this program is being able to interact with Chinese residents the whole time. You get to meet a lot of students and learn a lot just through those interactions. Everyone is very kind and I am glad I was able to meet everyone I did. The excursions are another of the greatest things about the program. You get to see so many amazing places.”

-Global Seminar: Self-Awareness & Images of the Other (Xi'an, China) participant, CAS-sponsored

“The program I was on was one of the best experiences of my life. The schooling in India was different then at home, typically using less computers and much more oral communication. But I believe this different style helped me grow as a learner. The location I studied at, Hyderabad, was great because it was a large Indian city with millions of people but it was not a very travelled place by foreigners compared to other parts of India. This made the experience much more eye opening to how many Indians live their day to day lives. Overall my experience was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going to Asia.”

-CIEE India: Hyderabad Arts & Sciences participant

“This study abroad program offered a nice balance of all the main branches of business, and is a great program for any student especially from the Leeds Business School. In addition the company visits are enlightening and diverse in every aspect. The course work is a fair load and keeps you fairly busy before the trip and during it.”

-Global Seminar: Doing Business in China participant

“Jerusalem was the perfect location for me. I always felt safe, there is city life, but not too much. It was fun being close to a big city/beach in Tel Aviv. It was pretty easy to meet locals in downtown Jerusalem. The courses at Hebrew U were good, not too much school work but enough to keep me engaged and focused. Learning a lot of Hebrew was a plus!”

-Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel participant

“I took a balanced course load of two Japanese language classes and two English lecture classes. This balance allowed me to fulfil several major requirements while still proving to be a very manageable workload. The location was fantastic; the school is only a 15-minute walk from Hirakatashi Station, which serves as a nice hub equidistant from Osaka and Kyoto (about 40 minutes by train either way). Every person I talked to was friendly and helpful, and certain restaurant owners especially took an interest in getting to know the foreign students.”

-Exchange: Kansai Gaidai University (Hirakata City, Japan) participant