Please submit this form by Friday, July 14 for priority hiring.

Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences is always on the lookout for students with an interest and passion for actively taking part in the educational mission of the department.  If you have an interest in helping others and supporting upcoming classes in their academic journey, please fill out the following form expressing your interest.  The information will be used to help identify potential Teaching Facilitators (TFs) to support undergraduate and graduate courses.  Teaching Facilitators are paid position with typical time requirements of 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours per week.  Position offers are usually sent out late fall semester for the upcoming spring semester, and during the summer for the upcoming fall semester.  If you have any questions on teaching facilitator duties and requirements, please contact the faculty associated with the course you are interested in supporting.  Thanks!

 For information on pay rate, please visit our Jobs website and refer to the information in the “Student Positions” section.

Can be found in Buff Portal. If you don't have one, please enter "new".
Please copy this link to course catalog if you are unsure about the content of any courses listed below.