Amber Bishop in a hanger.

Senior flying toward an aerospace future

Dec. 21, 2017

Amber Bishop may still be an undergraduate, but she is already working on building up the next generation of aerospace engineers. The CU Boulder aerospace senior is...Read more »
Katherine Glasheen

Katherine Glasheen is designing drones to think differently.

July 18, 2017

Katherine Glasheen has a nickname fit for an engineer: machine, and it is not just because it rhymes with her last name. A second year aerospace PhD student, she has a drive to advance technology, and is conducting research on socially aware drones, a project that will become increasingly important... Read more »
Christine Reilly

AES junior lands fellowship at Virgin Galactic

March 8, 2017

Some high school students seem to have their entire lives already mapped out. Christine Reilly was not one of them -- picking a college major was not easy. Now, as a CU Boulder Smead Aerospace junior and Norlin Scholar, she cannot imagine herself anywhere else. In many ways, engineering was... Read more »
Matthew Hurst

Astronaut Scholarship Winner Has Out-Of-This-World Goals

Nov. 8, 2016

Matt Hurst dreams of becoming an astronaut. It’s a desire shared by many around the world, but for Hurst, these are not merely idle thoughts of someone staring at the night sky. As an aerospace student, Hurst is on a path he hopes will take him into space, but if... Read more »