Gregg Burgess

Vice President of Technology
Space Systems
Sierra Nevada Corporation

As Vice President of Technology at SNC’s Space Systems, Mr. Burgess has a technology portfolio spanning the Dream Chaser reusable space taxi, satellites, space electromechanical and power components, and the hybrid rocket motors, such as the ones that power Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2 space tourism vehicle. Prior to coming to SNC, Mr. Burgess served as CTO for the Laserlight Communications startup, establishing architecture and implementation strategy for a commercial 8-satellite high bandwidth laser communications system.   Formerly, as Senior Vice President at Orbital Sciences Corporation in Virginia, Mr. Burgess had developed and implemented the strategy that established Orbital in the National Security Space market as the pre-eminent supplier of small Geosynchronous spacecraft, growing a small study operation to a $250M+ annual revenue enterprise in 10 years. Mr. Burgess began his 31 year career in aerospace systems at Hughes Aircraft Company’s Space and Communications Group, and has been associated with the US National Security Space community since 1989. Mr. Burgess holds MS and BS degrees from MIT in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, and he completed the General Manager’s Program at Harvard Business School. He is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, and in addition to the AES External Advisory Board, he serves on the boards of the Leeds Business School Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, and the National Vaccine Information Center.