Rendering of a robot using a keyboard.

CU engineering well positioned for DARPA’s new push on artificial intelligence

Sept. 19, 2018

The U.S. Department of Defense recently announced it will invest up to $2 billion over the next five years toward research programs advancing artificial intelligence, and the CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science is well-positioned to meet that demand, according to faculty and staff. The funding will be...

Eric Frew

Video: Using advanced UAV tech to improve severe storm forecasts

Aug. 20, 2018

What set CU Boulder Engineering apart from other universities for Associate Professor Eric Frew? Autonomous drone technology. Learn more about Frew and his groundbreaking work that's advancing our understanding of tornadoes and the weather around us.

A fixed wing drone flying in a supercell.

CU Boulder flies drones in supercell storms

June 18, 2018

As a supercell thunderstorm loomed, Eric Frew, an associate professor of aerospace at the University of Colorado Boulder, drove one of the vehicles in a three-vehicle convoy straight toward it. When Frew references "good" weather, he's talking about the roiling clouds that spit hail and spawn tornadoes, not sunny skies...

Eric Frew speaking with students at Battle Nountain High School. Photo by the Eagle County School District.

CU Aerospace talks UAV tech with Colorado high schoolers

April 12, 2018

Students at Battle Mountain High school in Edwards, Colorado, welcomed CU Boulder Smead Aerospace to campus last week for a STEM Expo. Educators and technology professionals from across Colorado participated in the event. Professor Eric Frew and PhD student Ramya Kanlapuli Rajasekaran spoke with students about unmanned aerial systems and...

Two men launching fixed-wing UAVs.

New swarming drone technology could help find lost hikers, study wildlife

Sept. 6, 2017

CU Boulder researchers have developed an advanced drone “swarming” technology that allows a single operator to control multiple unmanned aircraft for a variety of tasks, which could include searching for lost hikers or studying wildlife. The CU Boulder team spent three weeks in August on the project at the Pawnee...