Christine Fanchiang

As a recent PhD graduate from the University of Colorado, Christine currently works full time for The Space Research Company (TSRCo), an aerospace firm primarily focused on developing technologies for advancing human spaceflight. She works on developing small satellites for biology research as well as conducting basic human performance modeling research for spaceflight systems. She has worked on several space projects starting as an undergrad at MIT, where she helped design and build the power system for a walking Mars rover for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). At Northrop Grumman, she worked alongside the program manager on a national weather satellite system (NPOESS), coordinating the management, engineering and customer teams. She helped establish and implement a new project track at the University of Colorado for building remotely-operated robotic gardens for future lunar and Martian greenhouses. Additionally, she worked at BioServe Space Technologies to design, build, and launch payload hardware for various space life science experients on STS-132, STS-133, and STS-135. Her PhD thesis work centered around spacecraft design analysis in the context of astronaut performance and was funded by the NASA Harriet Jenkins Graduate Fellowship. Dr. Jessica Marquez at NASA Ames Research Center served as her technical mentor. Her goal in life is to step foot on the moon.

Advisor: David Klaus