Published: Feb. 19, 2021

Mark SirangeloMark Sirangelo
Entrepreneur-Scholar-In-Residence, Smead Aerospace
Wednesday February 24 | 4:30-5:30 P.M. | Zoom Webinar - Preregistration Required

Abstract: 5G. It is a phrase that has become a common part of our daily lives and ubiquitous in the media surrounding us.  Most of us just see it as the simple continuation of the never-ending technology march.  It is, in fact, much more than that.  The global changes made for, with and as a result of the adoption of 5G will not only alter how each of us interface with the world but is changing fundamentally how the all parts of the world interface with each other.   

Join Mark for an inside look at 5G technologies how it will influence our lives, our research, science, our future businesses and our government over the next five years.

  • What is 5G?  Why it is such a major transformation?
  • What are 5G’s fundamental advancement and changes
  • Why does it matter to me?
  • What irreversible decisions are being made by the U.S. that will impact our lives for years to come?
  • What research, science & entrepreneurial opportunities will derive from the adaptation of 5G?

Bio: This seminar is led by Mark Sirangelo, our Smead Aerospace Entrepreneur-Scholar-Residence, who, through his roles as former head of Sierra Nevada Space Systems, Chief Innovation Officer of the State of Colorado, Chairman of the DoD’s Defense Innovation Board and co-founder & Chairman Emeritus of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation has been at the forefront of the future of communications and 5G.