Published: Dec. 2, 2020

Delores KnippSmead AES:  An Academic Home for a “Non-conforming” Space Scientist
(or Why Staying within the Lines While Coloring May Not be the Productive Approach)

Delores Knipp
Research Professor
Friday, Dec. 4, 12:30 p.m.
Zoom Webinar - Registration Required

Abstract: Sciences is the Department’s ‘surname.’  In this reappointment seminar I will discuss new space science results produced within my research cohort: the Space Environment Data Analysis (SEDA) group.  With a strong emphasis on Low Earth Orbit (LEO) data, we study the space atmosphere interaction regions where energy from solar and geospace storms tends to concentrate. 

This concentration of energy can have surprising and sometime counterintuitive effects.  I will also discuss how my non-traditional journey from meteorologist to space scientist to physics instructor to Space Weather Journal editor-in-chief has shaped my educational/research focus.  This journey has allowed me to reveal some of the extraordinary historical space weather events that developed at the interface of science, engineering and national decision making and to contribute to CU’s Space Weather Technology Research and Education Center (SWxTREC).

Bio: Delores Knipp is Research Professor in Smead AES. Her research focuses on weather at the space-atmosphere interaction region. She advances scientific use of space environment observations and promotes education related to space weather. She is a retired USAF Officer and the former Editor in Chief of Space Weather, the International Journal of Research and Applications. Delores earned her Ph. D. at UCLA.

In 2019 she was inducted as a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. She was also awarded the International Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal for Space Weather and Space Climate and cited for looking  ‘beyond the space weather community by gaining important insights from discussions with users affected by (extreme space weather) events,’




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