Published: Feb. 10, 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the 6th Annual Researchpalooza! The one-day summit featured a series of 10-minute lightning presentations by students and faculty on their research. The Top 3 Presenters are highlighted below, along with two Honorable Mentions. Each of the Top 3 finishers received $25 Amazon gift cards.

Glasheen, Gloutak, and Sipowa
From left - Glasheen, Gloutak, and Sipowa

Top 3 Presenters:

  • Katherine Glasheen
    Autonomous Systems
    “Path Planning for Urban Delivery Drones - Bringing Cloud Robotics to the Clouds"
  • Dasha Gloutak
    Fluids, Structures and Materials
    “Experimental Measurements of a Finite NACA 0015 Wing in an Unsteady Flow as Compared to Theory”
  • Hermann Sipowa
    Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation
    “Distributed Unscented-Information Kalman Filter (UIKF) for Cooperative Localization in Spacecraft Formation Flying.”

Zaccarine, Zola
From left - Zaccarine, Zola

Honorable Mentions:

  • Sophie Zaccarine
    “Intelligent Infusion of Smart Technologies into a Space Habitat"
  • Matthew Zola
    Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation
    “MAXWELL: A High-Rate & CDMA CubeSat Communication Demo”