Published: April 1, 2019

New Aerospace BuildingStardate: 72246.57

The United Federation of Planets and Starfleet Command have chosen the University of Colorado Boulder to host a new Headquarters and Starfleet Academy (Starfleet HQ2) opening in Summer 2019 – specifically stardate 72649.31. With the Alpha Quadrant’s ever-changing dynamics – combined with significant growth in Academy applications and enrollment – Starfleet determined that a new base of operations was necessary. Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco will focus primarily on science and exploration, while Starfleet HQ2 will work with existing Space & Cyber Commands currently operating in Colorado to provide continued defense of the Federation.

HQ2 will help Starfleet better work with the Romulans, Breen, and Borg, while also preparing a new generation to go even further into unchartered regions of our galaxy than ever before.

“Starfleet simply cannot achieve its mission without these new facilities and resources, which will enable us to continue our mission of scientific exploration and ensuring the safety of the Federation,” said Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev. “With the state of Colorado and CU Boulder already being a hub for aerospace, we knew it would be the perfect location to extend our operations.”

United Federation of Planets FlagStarfleet HQ2 will have all of the same capabilities and course offerings that are available at HQ1. Cadets will be able to learn about warp field mechanics, transportation technology, xenobiology and xenolinguistics, temporal paradoxes, weapons and battle strategy, and many other domains. In partnership between CU Boulder and the Daystrom Institute, HQ2 will also facilitate research to support next-generation starship capabilities.

The new academy comes on the heels of a recent announcement by the Vulcan Science Academy to open its own facility off Pearl Street in downtown Boulder.

Expect to start seeing a lot more shuttlecrafts in the Front Range airspace in the coming months and years.

Click here to learn more about Starfleet HQ2 and click here for a live feed of the construction.