Published: Dec. 5, 2018
COBRA Team photo.

The University of Colorado Boulder student group the Colorado Boulder Rocketry Association (COBRA) successfully launched its Copperhead rocket to an altitude of 14,583 feet Sunday at 10:50 a.m. MST.

The rocket, weighing in at 55.8 pounds, lifted off on a student-built N-class solid rocket motor and broke the sound barrier to reach Mach 1.3 (916 mph). The motor burned for 5 seconds and developed a peak thrust of approximately 600 pounds. 

Thirty-one students representing COBRA were on hand to assemble the rocket at the site, witness the launch, and recover it on touchdown. Video and photos of the launch, as well as information on COBRA’s previous and future activities, can be found on the COBRA website.

This launch represents a major milestone in COBRA's bid to compete in the 2019 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC), in addition to its attempt to become the first student group in the country to send a payload into space.

For more information, visit COBRA's website or email