Published: Dec. 4, 2018
Aly Badran

Name: Aly Badran
Advisor/Lab: David Marshall
Year of Study: Second Year PhD student
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

I grew up in Cairo Egypt. I joined CU Boulder for a semester exchange program through the American University in Cairo (AUC) in Fall 2013. After the exchange program, I ended up transferring to CU and completing my BS/MS program in the Mechanical Engineering program.

I was always interested in research and part of my motivation to transfer to CU was to get involved in research. I had the opportunity to work in four different research labs as an undergrad (Aero, Mechanical and Civil).

Research was an eye opener for me to consider grad school. Now as a PhD student in aerospace, this is my 5th year at CU and the campus vibes, Boulder, the mountains, Colorado... this joyful feeling of being here never gets old, I will indefinitely miss it when I graduate.