Published: May 18, 2017
Jim Nabity with Penina Axelrad

Congratulations to associate professor James Nabity for earning the 2017 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award from the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The award recognizes faculty and staff advisors who demonstrate exceptional advising skills and serve as role models to other advisors.

He received glowing nominations for the award from students who highlighted his teaching, desire to help students, and industry knowledge:

Time and time again, I’ve seen him stop everything that he’s doing in order to make time for a student who needs guidance or advice on a research or project problem.

I have worked under his tutelage and guidance since my entrance into the graduate program [and] have developed tremendous respect and admiration for him as an engineer, a scientist, an advisor, and a teacher.

As an advisor and as a teacher, he makes himself available.  He schedules regular meetings with his graduate students, to ensure that he makes time for all of us while keeping tabs on our progress.  He reviews our proposals and papers with great care and attention to detail.

As one of my committee members on my thesis Dr. Nabity has been a strong advocate for my work and is constantly keeping me in touch with new industry opportunities... At one point, he reached out to me regarding a perfect NASA Small Business Technology Transfer Proposal that exactly fit the profile of my thesis. Without his help in finding this opportunity, I would not have had a chance to fully pursue my own startup company.

Nabity has been on the aerospace faculty at CU Boulder since 2013, coming to the university after a 30 year engineering career in the government and private sector.