Published: Feb. 17, 2014

On January 28, the Colorado State Legislature invited several aerospace companies and the University of Colorado Boulder to brief them on the unmanned aircraft industry and its related technologies.  Professor Brian Argrow represented CU-Boulder and emphasized the educational and research programs that enable the development of both the UAS technologies and what is expected to be an explosion in the UAS industry.  Professor Argrow emphasized that CU-Boulder designs, builds, and flies UAS and the education process is directly involved in the engineering development and the operations of aerospace hardware, including the MAVEN spacecraft on its way to Mars and the DANDE and CubeSat that are currently in orbit.  He also described AES's aeronautical leadership in unmanned aircraft systems and that AES has flown more often, in more places, and with a longer history, than any other university in the country.  Other briefs were made by Sierra Nevada Space Systems, Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance, and the Colorado Space Coalition.