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  • Please note, some of these forms take a little time to download. Your patience is appreciated. 

    • DEPA.  DEPA Sample Form (form for Disclosure of External Professional Activities). Also see: the Disclosure Form (DEPA) tab on right side of this page for actual DEPA log-in information.
    • COI Reporting at other CU Campuses. Each campus within the University of Colorado system has its own office for Conflicts of Interest, and reporting system.  See the following links for the non-Boulder campuses:
    • Administrative E-memo From Provost & VCR Offices Jan 2015
    • Use of Self-Authored Instructional Material Approval Form  During the DEPA reporting process, disclosers are asked to certify that department approval has been obtained for self-authored instructional material that is required in classes taught at CU. Copies of this approval form remains housed with the discloser and department (if required);it is not submitted to the COIC Office.
    • Procurement Service Center (PSC) Conflict of Interest Evaluation Form  Use this form for purchasing requests that may involve a potential or actual conflict of interest, for example, arrangements involving a family member, your personal business, an unfair advantage to a specific vendor, etc.
    • Consulting Approval Form (1/6th Rule). During the DEPA reporting process, disclosers are asked to certify that department approval for consulting outside of the University has been obtained.  Copies of this approval form remain housed with the discloser and department; it is not submitted to the COIC Office.
    • Outside Employment by Graduate Students on RA Appointments, see COI Section within this document
    • Utilization/Rental of University Research Space for External Activities  Because of the new requirements regarding University of Colorado Boulder space and facilities, these arrangements must be reviewed by Assoc.VC Research Tricia Rankin and Bill Kaempfer, Assoc. VC Budget & Planning. In order to obtain instructions regarding developing a lease, please contact them at:;
    • Technology Transfer Office (TTO) for information governing: Intellectual Property (IP);  patents/ licensing/ copyrights/ trademarks for discoveries/inventions/educational materials and software; start-up company development; materials transfer agreements. MaryBeth Vellequette is the Director of Technology Transfer at UCB.
    • Transactions with External Entities involving Funds 28 or 29; External Sales & Service Activities (ESA) Because of the serious consequences if accounting and reporting procedures are not properly handled regarding these activities, please contact:   The Office of Industry Collaboration
    • The Office of Industry Collaboration connects industry inquiries to CU-Boulder resources and supports internal CU-Boulder researchers wanting to work with industry. Caroline Himes is the director.
    • Acceptance of Sponsorships. Industry paid speaking engagements are expected to be reported via the DEPA. Both income and time spent engaged in the reported activity will be reviewed in regard to conflicts of interest and committment. The Office of University Controller provides general guidance for acceptance and acknolwedgment of event sponsorships,
    • Acceptance of Gifts or Economic Benefits as Rewards or Inducements. In Colorado, an employee of a public institution of higher education is considered a "government employee" and subject to the provisions of the Colorado Consititution Article XXIX Ethics in Government Amendment 41 ( and Rules of Conduct as stipulated in 24-18-104.
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