Frequently used forms from the Campus Controller's Office, the CU System Office, and general access, cash, and fund forms are available below.

Form Type Use
BJE   Request for budget transfer - funds 30 & 31
IN Form Invoice Interdepartmental invoice used on the Boulder campus
ISA Rate Sheet ISA Naviagte to the current fiscal year's rate sheets. Develop billing rates and budget for Internal Sales Activities
Property Management Forms Property All Property Management Forms
Sponsored Projects Forms Sponsored Projects All Sponsored Project Forms
Records Disposition Log Records Use when departments dispose of University Records
UBIT Questionnaire Tax Use to determine unrelated business income tax liability

CU System Forms

Office Type Use



Cash, Chartfield, Fundraising, Gift, Journal Source, CUF Invoice/MOA
(Fund 71 requests click here.)
PSC Procurement Procurement/Travel Card, Honorarium, Payments, Petty Cash/Change Funds, etc.
UIS Access To add/update access to PeopleSoft Finance, Marketplace, HRMS, ISIS, DARS

Frequently Used Access, Cash, and Fund Forms

Form Type Use
Access Request Access To request access to HRMS, FIN, Marketplace, CIW, ISIS, etc.
Chartfield Request ChartField Select the form you need. (Fund 71 requests click here.)
Cash Receipt Cash To document and process deposits.
Petty Cash & Change Funds Cash To establish or modify a petty cash or change fund.
Payment Authorization Cash To fund a petty cash or change fund. This form is located on the PSC's website.
Gift Fund Gift To create or modify a Gift Fund 34 SpeedType.
Fundraising Authorization Gift To create a Fund 34 used for fundraising.
Gift in Kind Acceptance Gift To accept non-monetary gifts of $5,000 or more.
Transfer Funds Gift For non-routine gift funds transfers from the Foundation.