A masked performer runs on a mountaintop
MA/MBA student, Elise, at Sunrise Amphitheatre for the Global Ancient and Classical Seminar
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Bryan Doerries of Theatre of War Productions with Theatre Students

The Department of Theatre & Dance, in conjunction with the Leeds School of Business, offers students the ability to earn an MBA and an MA in Theatre & Performance Studies through a three-year dual degree program. The dual MA/MBA offers students the opportunity to earn both degrees together in less time than if the degrees were earned sequentially. This degree combination provides students with a set of business tools to complement their artistic talents and expands career options. 


Students in the MA/MBA dual degree program pursue careers in a wide variety of fields and jobs in the world of the performing arts. Types of organizations include theatre companies, dance companies, opera companies, symphonies, arts councils, performing arts complexes, civic auditoriums and arts presenters. Dual degree students are required to complete 43 hours of MBA in Business coursework and 24 hours of MA in Theatre and Performance Studies coursework.


There are two ways to apply to the MA/MBA program:

  1. Apply for one program, either the MA in Theatre & Performance Studies or the MBA at the Leeds School of Business, and after acceptance apply for the other
  2. Apply for both programs simultaneously

Typically, MA/MBA students begin with the MA in Theatre & Performance Studies in their first year and enter the MBA program at Leeds in their second year, completing both programs in their third year.

  • Residents of U.S. Western states, including Alaska and Hawaii, may be eligible for in-state tuition for this dual degree program, provided the student applies and is accepted to both programs in the same admissions cycle. For more information, visit the Western Regional Graduate Program webpage.

 MA in Theatre & Performance Studies Application Leeds School of Business MBA Application

Program Requirements

The MA/MBA is a dual degree program, and its curriculum is best conceived that way. A minimum of 67 approved credit hours must be completed to earn both degrees. Dual degree students will be required to complete 43 hours of MBA coursework and 24 hours of theatre/dance coursework. The dual degree agreement allows students to count 18 credit hours of courses towards both degrees.

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