How do I apply for graduation?

If you'll have completed your degree requirements by the end of the current or upcoming semester, you can apply to graduate online through the student portal. See our Graduation & Commencement page for step-by-step instructions.

Will my name be in the commencement program?

If you either graduated in the fall or submitted your graduation application by the April 1 deadline for spring or summer, yes. See our Graduation & Commencement page for details.

Where can I find information about degree conferral and commencement ceremonies?

Visit the Commencement website for all the information you need about summer or winter conferral and the spring ceremony.

When will degrees be posted?

PhD degrees typically post a few days after that semester's degree conferral date, while undergraduate, master's and JD degrees post approximately 30 days later. Check our graduation calendar for semester-specific dates.

Transcripts & Diplomas

How do I update my diploma name and address?

If You're Graduating Soon or You Just Graduated

You'll be asked to provide a diploma name and a diploma address when you apply to graduate, but you can edit them until that semester's deadline (see the academic calendar). See our step-by-step instructions.

If You've Already Graduated

You'll need to update your legal name with CU Boulder.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are typically mailed about eight weeks after graduation. Check the academic calendar for the semester-specific date.

Why didn't I receive my diploma after graduation?

There are several possible reasons:

  • You may have had a financial hold, such as an overdue balance or an incomplete loan exit interview at the time diplomas were mailed out. You will need to notify once your hold is cleared to receive your diploma.
  • Your diploma address may be incorrect. Diplomas are not forwarded by the post office, even if you request to have your mail forwarded. If you didn't enter a diploma address, your diploma was mailed to your home address.
  • You may have walked in the commencement ceremony, but have yet to complete one or more degree requirements. Contact your advisor for details.
Do minors print on diplomas?

Minors print on official transcripts, but not diplomas.

Do I get a separate diploma for each major?

You'll receive a separate diploma for every unique degree you earned (e.g., BA, BS, BSME). If you pursued multiple majors that awarded the same degree, you'll receive a single diploma with each major listed.

How can I get proof of my degree before I receive my diploma?

If you need proof of your degree before degrees post to transcripts for the given semester (see the graduation calendar for specific dates), you may either:

  • Use Buff Portal's enrollment verification card (you may be prompted to log in) to request an enrollment verification that includes your expected semester of graduation.
  • Contact your college or school to request a letter of completion.

After degrees post to transcripts, you may order an official transcript that includes your degree and conferral date.

Additionally, employers and other third parties can request degree verification through the National Student Clearinghouse.

I completed an additional major. Will I get a new diploma?

If you complete an additional major after you earn a degree, you won't receive a new version of your diploma. Your diploma shows only your original degree conferral date, so it wouldn't accurately reflect when you completed your additional major.

Beginning with Fall 2016 graduates, the Office of the Registrar will send College of Arts & Sciences students who complete a post-degree additional major a post-degree additional major completion document.

Other students who need proof of a post-degree additional major are encouraged to order an official transcript, which indicates the accurate completion date of the post-degree major.

Replacement Diplomas

How do I order a replacement diploma?
How long does it take to get a replacement diploma?
I'm having trouble ordering a replacement diploma online. Can I get help setting up my account?

Absolutely. Simply email or call us at 303-492-6970.

Are diplomas printed in your office?

No. All diplomas are printed and shipped by an outside vendor.

Certified Electronic Diplomas & Certificates (CeDiplomas/CeCertificates)

How do I access my CeDiploma/CeCertificate?

Go to the electronic diplomas & certificates card in Buff Portal and click the "Access your CeDiploma/CeCertificate" link to access CeCredential Trust, an approved third-party vendor of CU Boulder.

I graduated prior to December 2015. Can I get an electronic diploma?

Effective April 1, 2021, you can purchase a CeDiploma if you graduated before December 2015. See Order a Diploma or Certificate for details.

I completed my degree and certificate prior to Fall 2017. Can I get an electronic certificate?

No. At this time, CeCertificates are only available to CU Boulder students who graduated and completed an official certificate in December 2017 or later.

Can I download the CeDiploma/CeCertificate and email it to someone else?

Yes, you can download a digitally signed copy of your CeDiploma/CeCertificate and email it to anyone you want. The file will retain the Adobe Digital Signature and CeDiD for validation purposes.

Can I print my CeDiploma/CeCertificate?

No. CeDiplomas/CeCertificates are for electronic use only and may not be printed in any format. However, you can print the validation page.

How do I know if the CeDiploma/CeCertificate I received is valid?

There are two ways to validate your electronic diploma/certificate:

  1. Go to the Office of the Registrar's credential validation page (or click the link on the second page of the CeDiploma/CeCertificate) and enter the required information where indicated.
  2. If you're using Adobe Reader or Acrobat 9.0 or higher, you'll be able to view the digital signature, which is shown at the top of the PDF and is part of the overall security of the document. If the digital signature shows a blue ribbon, it means that document has not been tampered with; any other symbol signifies the document cannot be trusted. Please note: Other PDF/digital readers and some mobile devices may not be able to show the digital signature/blue ribbon.
Why does the certificate used to digitally sign the documents say CeCredential Trust?

CeCredential Trust is the branded name of the digital signature that our vendor uses to digitally sign all CeDiplomas/CeCertificates. The email address included in the signature ( will refer you to the Office of the Registrar for further information.

When I pull up my CeDiploma/CeCertificate on my iPhone/iPad, it only loads halfway and then a line appears.

This issue is due to the version of your operating system on your tablet, or the PDF viewer that the browser is using to open the CeDiploma/CeCertificate. In the case of the iPhone/iPad, updating to the most recent iOS operating system usually solves the problem.

I have a hold on my record; can I receive my CeDiploma/CeCertificate?

Requests from current or former students with unmet obligations (e.g., holds) cannot be honored. To resolve holds, contact the Office of the Registrar.

I'm using a web browser to open the PDF, but it won't open properly.

The CeDiploma/CeCertificate is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Some features may not be available when viewed in a web browser's default viewer. Please change the default viewer in your web browser to Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

When I try to download and save a copy of my CeDiploma/CeCertificate, I receive an error message asking for a password.

This is because your browser does not have Adobe set as the default PDF viewer. If you download and open the document using Adobe Reader, you should have no problem saving a copy.