What Are Concurrent Degrees?

Concurrent BS/MS, BA/MA and BA/MS degree programs are offered in several departments and allow a student to receive both a bachelor's and master's degree in five years of study without compromising the academic integrity of either degree.

These concurrent degree programs are open only to highly qualified CU Boulder undergraduates. Students interested in a concurrent bachelor's/master's program should inquire with the department.

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When Do I Change to Graduate Status?

Students pursuing a concurrent bachelor's/master's degree are automatically changed to graduate status after the completion of 130 credit hours (or 145 credit hours for a student in the College of Engineering and Applied Science). The Title IV Higher Education regulations require that an institution determine when a student has progressed from undergraduate to graduate status.

The minimum completion of 130 credit hours includes credits taken towards academic load from a student's undergraduate work (which includes classes graded with an I or IP, as well as in-progress units) and transfer units (including AP credit).

Graduate students are assessed graduate tuition rates and, if receiving financial aid, are considered "independent" upon reaching graduate status.