Julia Levin

Hellems 170 or Zoom

Office hours T/R 1:45-3:15

Teaching Fall 22: PHIL 1100 Ethics and PHIL 3160 Bioethics

I got my B.A. in philosophy from Hiram College in 2001 and my Ph.D. in philosophy from Penn State University in 2008. I specialize in ethics, social/political philosophy, and feminist philosophy. I have taught at Penn State, West​minster College, Wabash College, Saint Francis University, MSU Denver, and CU Boulder. 

I am originally from southern Virginia, and I have lived in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Colorado. I've also had the great good fortune to spend six months living in my favorite city, Rome, my favorite city on earth. Currently, I live in beautiful Longmont, Colorado, where I enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery, teach philosophy, hang out with friends and family, seek out good food and beer, watch British comedy panel shows, and read as many good books as I can get my hands on.