Kimberly Madero

Kimberly is currently pursuing her MA in philosophy at CU Boulder. She completed her BA in philosophy with a minor in math at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) in 2023.

Kimberly's main areas of interest are ethics, philosophy of law, and political philosophy. She was a judge at the 2022 Regional Ethics Bowl Competition and was invited to present at the Great Lakes Philosophy Conference in 2023 on her undergraduate thesis paper, where she won an award for her paper at the conference. While working on her BA, Kimberly was a part of the Mountain Lion Leadership Council at UCCS and worked with a local environmental nonprofit.

Kimberly has training as a coach in the areas of cognitive development, executive function, and test prep. She has held multiple tutoring and teaching jobs, including teaching math and art of thinking at a local middle school after she finished her BA. She has also designed two different SAT prep classes for Upward Bound, which is a program focusing on helping low-income high school students get into college.  

Outside of work and philosophy, Kimberly enjoys snowboarding/skiing, amateur nature photography, reading, game nights with friends, and cooking.