Joy Webb

TAing in Spring 2023: Introduction to Ethics 1100

TA this Fall 2023: War and Morality 3190

Office hours: By appointment (reach me via email or Canvas)


I am a second-year Master's student specializing in Aesthetics, ethics, and 20th century continental philosophy. I am most interested in philosophy of emotion, phenomenology, sentimentalism, existentialism, philosophy of literature, fiction, and imagination, and philosophy of psychology/mind. I will get my PhD after completing my MA and become a philosophy professor and researcher. 


I’m currently taking an Independent Study with my mentor, Iskra Fileva, and I’m focusing on topics, such as AI-generated art, love, romance, and intimacy, the imagination and creativity, aesthetic experience and aesthetic judgment, emotion in art, and the ethics of art. 


When I am not studying, I enjoy backpacking, writing prose-style essays and poetry, running, going to concerts, roller skating, practicing yoga and meditation, hugging my dog, and skiing.