Jonathyn Zapf

Jonathyn Zapf is a Graduate Part-Time Instructor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. In this capacity, he is the recipient of a university-wide Graduate Teaching Excellence Award (2021). Jonathyn's work concerns two independent threads concerning the interplay of philosophy (mostly epistemology) and religion. In his forthcoming dissertation in the philosophy department, Jonathyn attempts to resolve a puzzle he discovered concerning the “seemings” approach to justification and religious experiences. In his forthcoming thesis in the religious studies department (, where he also serves as Lead TA, Jonathyn is investigating whether there are substantive norms for the academic study of religion.

Jonathyn has an extended academic background, with a B.A. in Biology (Grace College, 2012), a Certificate in Advanced French Language and Civilization (La Sorbonne, 2013), and a B.S. in Psychology/Counseling (Crown College, 2014). He considers himself primarily an epistemologist who returns time and again to issues pertaining to religion.