Iskra Fileva
Assistant Professor

Hellems 269A

R 11:00-12:00 and by appointment

Teaching in Spring 21: PHIL 3600 001, PHIL 6100 001


Iskra Fileva (Ph.D., Boston University, 2009). Professor Fileva joined the department in Fall 2014. Prior to coming to the University of Colorado, Boulder, she taught at several universities, most recently at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Professor Fileva specializes in moral psychology and issues at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and psychiatry. She also does some work in aesthetics and epistemology. Her work has appeared in many journals, including: Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Synthese, American Philosophical Quarterly, and European Journal of Philosophy.   

She is currently working on a book manuscript provisionally entitled: "Character and Values" in which she develops a novel conception of character and uses that conception to tackle various problems in the philosophy of character such as character fragmentation, the role of brute psychological facts in the constitution of character, and the boundary between flawed characters and psychiatric conditions such as such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She is also the editor of Questions of Character, an interdisciplinary volume of essays featuring work by leading philosophers, psychologists, and social scientists, published by Oxford University Press in 2016: View the anthology's contents page here: Read the preface. Order the collection at a 30% discount.

In 2013, Professor Fileva's NYTimes essay "Character and its Discontents" won the Character Project's Essay Award. Read her essay here.  Listen to an interview about character with her here and to one about about why we seek closure here. Read her second NYTimes essay "What Do We Owe the Dead?" here:

Professor Fileva hosts The Philosopher's Diaries blog at Psychology Today

For more information on Professor Fileva's teaching and research, including a list of publications, see her CV.