Hellems 15

MW 2:00-2:50pm; and by appointment

AOS: Social and Political Philosophy (with special emphasis on Global Justice and Human Rights), Feminist Philosophy, Ethics
My research interest is in law, justice, and human rights in the global context. My dissertation was directed by Professor Alison Jaggar. Developing my dissertation, I am currently working on a book titled Reclaiming Global Justice in an Era of Globalization from a Transnational Feminist Perspective. I present a critique of the currently dominant models of global justice on the basis of their inadequacy in addressing injustice and inequality arising at the context of globalization. As an alternative to these inadequate models, I propose a transnational justice model that is equipped methodologically with a non-idealized, contextualist approach and normatively with structural egalitarianism.
I have taught the following courses at the University of Colorado, Boulder and University of Nevada, Reno:
  • Introductory Logic
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning
  • Philosophy and Society, with a special emphasis on “Social Justice in a Diverse Society
  • Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy with a special emphasis on “Philosophy of Human Rights”
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Topics in Philosophy of Law
  • Ethical Theory
  • Global Justice and Ethics