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Andrea KloehnCongratulations to Andrea Kloehn, the College of Music’s Winter 2022 Outstanding Graduating Senior!  

“I am very honored to receive this distinction,” she says. “There are so many other students who are equally deserving of this award, so I’m very grateful and I hope that I can do it justice. 

“I hope I can take this momentum and pay it forward.”

Kloehn exemplifies the college’s universal musician vision by graduating with a Bachelor of Music in flute performance, plus a Business Minor with a Music Entrepreneurship Certificate and a Certificate in Western American Studies. 

Kloehn chose CU Boulder because of its sense of community and proximity to mountains, as well as our faculty. “A lot of the reason why I chose to come here was to work with Christina Jennings, my flute professor—she’s a really inspiring pedagogue,” Kloehn explains. “I’ve learned so much with her and I’m really grateful that she’s in my life.”

During her time at CU Boulder, Kloehn also performed with our symphonies, various bands, in the opera pit and in our new music series. Along the way, she built a network—on- and off-campus—and made great friends, as well as taught flute to students in our community. She even found opportunities to lean in to some of her interests outside of music.

“Something that I have had a lot of fun with is bringing my other skills to the table within our college,” Kloehn says. “I do a lot of visual art on my own and it’s been really cool to see how my other creative pursuits have been welcomed here.” 

Flute studio’s Earth Day concert posterIndeed, Kloehn designed promotional materials for the flute studio’s Earth Day concert last spring, created visual art to go along with a friend’s performance and designed a College of Music T-shirt. 

“Something that’s been really special about this place is feeling like the entirety of myself is really welcomed,” she says.

To incoming students, Kloehn adds, “Don’t be afraid to do something that you think you might be bad at—I’ve found that some of my richest experiences here came from jumping into things that I had never tried before.”

Congratulations to Andrea Kloehn and all our amazing December ’22 undergraduates, listed below! Additionally, we proudly congratulate Master of Music recipient Sophie Stubbs and Doctor of Musical Arts recipients Roberto Arundale, Zerek Dodson, Randel Leung, Katherine Lynn Vest and Xi Zhang.   

Bachelor of Arts in Music
Davis, Claudia (piano)
Hansen, Elizabeth (voice)
Rodgers, Samuel** (voice); double degree astronomy
Stapleton, Jordyn (flute)

Bachelor of Music
Banchero, Christopher (piano performance)
Kloehn, Andrea*** (flute performance); Music Entrepreneurship Certificate + Certificate in Western American Studies + business minor
Lettang, John** (tuba performance); double degree electrical engineering
Romeo, Asha (voice performance)
Ruiz, Julian (clarinet performance)
Salgado, Jeremy** (saxophone performance)

Bachelor of Music Education
Romeo, Asha (choral) 
Ruiz, Julian (instrumental, clarinet)
Sale, Eliot (instrumental general, percussion)
Salgado, Jeremy** (instrumental, saxophone)

**High Honors
***Highest Honors