Published: Oct. 7, 2021 By

Ingrid AndersonAs part of our dean's vision to develop what he calls the "universal musician," the College of Music continually strives to revise and refine its programming and activities to ensure a flexible, well-rounded education and experiences that prepare our students for varied, non-traditional careers.

Take Ingrid Anderson, who's double majoring in violin performance and neuroscience: The College of Music senior and president of the College of Music Student Government (CMSG) expects to graduate in May 2022 and ultimately plans to pursue a career in medicine … along the way, she's "playing violin whenever I can!” 

A featured speaker at the Imig Music Building dedication and open house on Sept. 17, Anderson reflects on what makes CU Boulder’s College of Music unique. 

“There are two components that distinguish the college from other music schools,” she says. “The first is community. Everyone in the College of Music is welcoming, friendly and invested in each other's well-being and professional success. And I love the size of the school. It's so special to be able to recognize and greet most people in the halls, especially in the context of a large public university. 

“The second component is the support and encouragement of non-traditional careers in music. Music students receive not only high-level musical training, but have the opportunity to take excellent entrepreneurship classes and courses in business. Many students double major and use skills they've developed in music—focus, intrapersonal abilities, professionalism and more—to succeed on different paths.”

As CMSG president, Anderson is passionate about advocating for the needs of music students within the College of Music and within the context of the larger university by advancing dialogue between students and college administration. 

“We're committed to improving the wellness of music students and strengthening our college community,” she explains. “Mental health is a pressing issue across the world and many college students, specifically, struggle with feelings of isolation. 

“CMSG focuses on these issues within the College of Music by organizing Wellness Weeks that include drop-in therapy, yoga and healthy snacks; hosting community building events such as Donut Days, and game and movie nights; and sponsoring collective art projects.”

Post-graduation, Anderson looks forward to applying the knowledge and skills she's gained at the College of Music to both help others and create innovative ways to achieve her goals.