The responsibility of the Student Government at large is to be the intermediary between the students and both the academic and administrative community at CU Boulder College of Music. As the elected representation of, by, and for the students of the College of Music, we will be the leading force that reflects the collective voice of the student body.

Read the CMSG Constitution

2022-23 CMSG Executive Board

Melvin Casillas Muñoz

Vice President
Amruta Divekar

Grace Stringfellow

Isabel Goodwin

CMSG Senators
Lau Marial
Kaori Quan

CMSG Representatives
Simmy Kifletsion
Nia Lepore
Melvin Casillas Munoz
Madison Tallman 

What does Student Government do?

The College of Music Student Government exists to represent the undergraduate student body to the faculty and administration of the College of Music as well as to CUSG. We facilitate communication between administration and the student body, and act for the benefit of students attending the college to further their creative and musical capabilities.

Upcoming meetings

Look for our meeting times on our bulletin board, located near C-125 on the practice room hallway.

Potential projects

Right now, the CMSG is working with Dean Roeder to improve all aspects of student stress within the school of music. A few steps that we have taken so far are to make sure that all students feel included and are healthy, both mentally and physically. We are also advocating to add composting bins throughout the building so that all waste from the COM doesn’t go to landfills!

Contact us

If you want to make a difference in your CU Boulder College of Music, we want to hear from you! Submit a suggestion, comment or concern to this form and we will try to make it happen!

Contact us at cmsg@colorado.edu