Published: Aug. 31, 2021 By

We’re thrilled to introduce Raven Dow-Hygelund and Anna Kallinikos as the most recent recipients of the College of Music’s Sher Distinguished Musician Scholarship.

Texas native Kallinikos starts her journey at the College of Music this fall pursuing a bachelor’s in trumpet performance. Oregonian Dow-Hygelund—who studied classical guitar for more than nine years and flamenco guitar for four—is pursuing a double major in classical guitar performance and physics. 

Raven Dow-Hygelund We asked Dow-Hygelund to describe her passion for performing. “For me, guitar has been a key medium for my self-expression and artistic identity,” she says. “Music provides a fundamental means of connection for humanity and I have a strong desire to share its beauty whenever possible. 

“I also enjoy the personal challenges that are intrinsic to mastering a hard piece of music because they teach me humility—and when I overcome them, I experience tremendous gratitude for my teachers and a deep satisfaction with my efforts.”

Dow-Hygelund hails from a musical background. “My grandfather was a jazz musician who performed throughout the 1960s and 70s,” she says. “He was fortunate to have an amazing experience playing with some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, including touring the United States and Europe with Thelonious Monk. 

“His love of music deeply influenced our family. Growing up, we listened to a lot of jazz and classical music which helped shape my love of modern classical and flamenco guitar.”

Meanwhile, Kallinikos grew up with Greek music playing throughout her household and was inspired by her sisters to take up trumpet in sixth grade, fascinated by the buttons. Fascination developed into passion and now Kallinikos enjoys performing and connecting to audiences. 

 Anna KallinikosHer favorite thing about playing the trumpet? “Being able to translate emotions because I’m not one with words, particularly,” she says. “I’m definitely learning how to convey certain emotions that you can’t necessarily speak. That’s something really interesting to me.”

The decision to study at the College of Music was an easy one for Kallinikos, who’s attracted to the Boulder scenery and inspired by Associate Professor of Trumpet Ryan Gardner. “All the cards fell into place for me,” she says. “As I started to hear things from different colleges and I talked to Dr. Gardner more and more, I was like, I don't think there’s another option for me. It was a pretty clear path for which I'm really grateful.”

Beyond her performance pursuits, Kallinikos enjoys listening to diverse music—including Lebanese music—, long neighborhood walks, “anything nature related” and vegan cooking. Also culinarily inspired, Dow-Hygelund enjoys cooking and baking, as well as harvesting, preserving and sharing food from her garden, and raising a small flock of chickens and two parrots. Additionally, she enjoys hiking, running, and spending time with her family and dogs.