The students authoring these blogs were each awarded a 2023 Linguistics Undergraduate Research Award (LURA 2023) for innovative work in a linguistics course at CU Boulder. Students in introductory as well as advanced courses were considered for the award. Nominated by faculty, GPTIs, and TAs, award winners were asked to create a short blog about their research. This project was supported by the ASSETT Faculty Fellows Program.

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Beyond LMAO: Exploring The Evolution Of Semantic Shifts In The Internet Age

The rise of internet slang has brought about a unique shift in the way we communicate, now transforming once simple terms like "lmao" and "lol" into powerful tools for expressing emotion and building social connections. Read more
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How is the English language used to encourage safe driving in a predominantly non-English speaking community? Read more
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Can learning a second language change the way you think?

Can the eccentricities of grammar in one’s native language subconsciously affect the way speakers perceive the world? Read more
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The Evolving Pejoration of "Karen"

As the definition of the pejorative term “Karen” is evolving, the term is now used as a derogatory term for any woman perceived as angry. Read more
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Hierarchy of Love

The language of romantic love is widespread throughout society and the media, but how does this affect people who do not want a romantic relationship? Read more
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Love is... Biphobic?

How does the show Love is Blind discursively produce biphobic ideologies? Read more
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Who is the Native?: Time to Shelf 'Native' Speaker Standards in TESOL

Should we avoid teaching English Language Learners (ELLs) how to speak like a ‘native’ English speaker? Read more
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Covert Language: How the Ignorance of “Barbarian” Perpetuates Institutions of Oppression

How do contemporary colonialist societies maintain social stratification through language? Read more
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Linguistic Symbolic Capital in a Multilingual Society

How are multiethnic and bilingual individuals in the United States received, and how do their interactions change depending on the country their language is natively spoken in? Read more
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How Do Cis Actors Use Language to Play Trans Characters?

When cis actors play trans characters, they promote an inauthentic perception of trans identity. Read more
Accents and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Accents and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Can a person naturally have multiple distinct accents? Read more
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Digital Documentation: Preserving Touo Oral Narratives from Across the Globe

It started with a Reddit post. Read more
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Slay, Yeoja-Boss!: The Misuse of AAVE in Modern K-Pop Culture

Korean pop sensations such as BTS and BLACKPINK are a global phenomenon, but are fans aware of the racist uses of language found in this beloved music genre? Read more
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Konglish: The Art of Diversity

How does the effect of having multiple cultures and languages being integrated into your daily life affect who you are as an individual? Read more
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Perspectives on Language and Gender in HBO's Succession

“Is there a thing where we like…talk to each other…normally?” Read more
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The Inhibiting Jargon of Destiny 2

How does the jargon of a video game community affect the players’ performance? Read more
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Contesting and Constructing Qualifications for Trump’s Attorney General Through Reference Forms: The Case of Jeffrey Clark

How can we understand the use of normative political language? Read more
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Destigmatizing Neurodiversity through the Lens of English Language Teaching

How can English Language Teachers design their curricula to help celebrate and spread awareness about neurodiverse conditions? Read more
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The Language of Conflict Coverage

How can the use of subtle linguistic cues affect perception of a conflict? How much are we influenced, not only by what information we receive, but by the way that information is conveyed? Read more
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Hollywood's Jewish American Accent

Why are many Jewish characters in film and television portrayed with thick New York accents? Read more